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Click to download the W&G 2015 registration form

Click to download the W&G 2015 registration form

VASA is the only network in Australasia representing the professional workshops and technicians in the vehicle aftermarket.

It was formed in 1993 to give the industry a voice in legislative debate on codes of practice, licensing regimes and to improve training standards. VASA is now regarded as a significant force and takes an active role in many national issues at the highest level of government and trade training.

For workshops and technicians in this sector, VASA can be your advocate, your eyes and ears, your policeman and your inspiration.

Through this website, VASA members can access a wealth of technical resources including the Registered Technician Program, considered the industry’s most complete primer for climate control training and the technical newsletters of VASA’s affiliate association, MACS Worldwide.


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